Nechville Zeus Banjo


As you pick up the Zeus, you’ll realize why Tom Nechville named this banjo after the king of gods. Players really seem to love the lighter weight of this banjo, as well as its smooth-feeling neck profile, radiused fingerboard and avante garde peghead profile. The beveled wooden armrest feels smooth on your forearm, the neck shape makes chording easier, providing clean, distinct and full bodied musical notes. You hear a woody, penetrating clarity with none of the sonic interference that is ever present in other traditional banjos.

The Nechville inline tailpiece is adjustable three different ways, and the Helimount pot assembly is customizable for any style or setup. The Exotic Wood Open Architecture Tone ring delivers incredible punch and volume from every note played on the Zeus. As a matter of fact, you can customize the response of your banjo simply by installing a different ratio of nylon or metal ball bearings! Tom starts with a 50:50 mix of nylon and steel balls … add a higher ratio of steel for a noticeably brighter and tighter bass … go to more nylon balls for a fatter mellower tone!

Specifications for the Nechville Zeus Banjo

* Nechville Zeus Banjo
* Straight-line peghead layout for efficient tuning
* Premium seasoned curly maple neck and resonator
* Amber/brown stain and durable gloss finish
* Sturdy black Eclipse Helimount frame
* 7-12″ compound radius comfortable neck profile
* Black binding
* Saturn and Star pearl inlay.
* Premium vintage-style tuning pegs
* Exotic Wood Cap tone ring (Interchangeable with Nechville Bronze ring)
* Nechville’s exclusive Cyclotronic rolling rim pot system.
* 3 ply maple rim
* Soft, protective gigbag, with adjustment tools and manual
* Renaissance head

All Nechville Heli-mount Banjos include:
* Patented Helimount Frame
* Adjustable radiused neck attachment
* Remo head
* Nechville Enterprise bridge
* Nechville in-line tailpiece
* Extra Wide, Long Lasting Frets
* Nechville’s supreme quality finish
* GHS Strings: .010, .012, .014, .022, .010
* Remo Medium Crown head
* Lifetime warrantee
* Side position dots
* Stainless steel two way truss rod in the neck
* Detailed Owner’s Manual (also available for download).
* 2 Heli-Mount wrenches, and lifetime warranty


$3139 Canadian dollars, or $2472 US dollars, based on 1.27% exchange rate.

NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!

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