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National Reso-Phonic M-1 Cutaway Tricone

The wood body National Reso-Phonic M-1 Cutaway Tricone blends the sound of a tricone with the warmth of wood, and has a lighter weight as a bonus.

Outfitted with National’s new-alloy cones and aluminum T-bridge, the National M-1 Cutaway uses a mahogany laminate for the body, with solid mahogany for the neck and ebony for the bound fingerboard. The cover-plate is steel, and is hand-painted to match the colour tone of the top woods.

The National Tricone design dates to the late 1920’s when John Dopyera designed the first resonator guitars at the urging of George Beauchamp,a prominent steel player of the time; even then, more volume was needed to compete with other band instruments. The first National models went into production in 1927.

The National Tricone design promises and delivers projected volume with a clear, articulate tone. On the new National Reso-Phonic M-1, the sometimes brash sound of the original steel or brass body models is tempered by the mahogany lamintes used. The result is a full, rich and warm tone with lots of low end – it’s quite a fat sounding guitar, yet with the clarity and articulation of the metal body versions.

The National M-1 Tricone available with a number of options – including this one, the cutaway body. It’s available in a non-cutaway version – click here to read the feature on the non-cutaway National Reso-Phonic M-1 Tricone.

These are excellent instruments for steel or slide playing, but also for straight fingerstyle. The full bottom end response really helps fill a space!

Visit the National Reso-Phonic website and learn more about the wood-body National M-1 Tricone!

Serial Number: Varies as New.    Shown is 19856.

Pricing: $3989.00 Canadian Dollars.   National Hard Shell Arched Top Case Included.

Status:  Available and In Stock!

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