Boucher Studio Goose SG-21-G High Quality Hand Crafted


Boucher Guitars make very high quality hand crafted guitars in the heart of Quebec and their calling card is their use of locally harvested Adirondack Red Spruce. Simple elegance and outstanding quality control are on display when you first observe these fine instruments. Top notch materials and a wonderful build translate to a sonic palette that will go toe to toe with all other boutique builders and classic flat top guitars.

The Boucher Studio Goose SG-21-G is an orchestra sized body which typically sounds wonderful for fingerstyle playing and light to medium strumming.  The body is made from the African Bubinga and Adirondack Red Spruce. The pairing of these tone woods provides a clear, well defined and immediate response which lets the notes jump out and sustain. This particular guitar has been upgraded with the Gold pack which includes an AAAA torrefied top.

Typically as newly harvested wood dries and ages the oils and resins diminish and you start to get the wonderful overtones and note fundamentals often associated with vintage guitars. However this can sometimes take decades and also might cost you an arm and a leg when paying for a vintage instrument.  Torrefying, or thermo-treating wood is a process where wood is heated over an extended period in an oxygen-free kiln (which allows the use of high temperatures without the wood catching on fire). The oils and resins are “cooked off” which comes close to replicating the cellular structure of the top of an old guitar. In addition to sounding more like a vintage guitar this process also makes the wood more resistant to swelling and shrinking when exposed to climate changes.  Natural finished guitars with Torrefied tops also have a slightly darker look as if they have been exposed to natural light for many years.

The added warmth and overtones from the torrefied top on this OM adds a wonderful tonal layer to an exceptional sounding instrument.

~Mike Gray

Enjoy Boucher’s Demonstration of the SG-21

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