Join Us With Host Marc Roy on 24 February Right Here!

Join us for an Evening of Bluegrass with Marc Roy at The Twelfth Fret! Marc Roy has spent the last 25 years with an instrument in his hands.

Monday 24 February you can join Marc for an invigorating workshop mixing things up with some folk, blues, country and more!

Event Details:

  • WHERE:  The Twelfth Fret  
  • WHEN:   Monday 24 February, 2020
  • TIME:     7:00 – 8:30 P.M.
  • PRICE:  $20.00  which includes entry PLUS a $20.00 Twelfth Fret Gift Card, redeemable for full face value during normal store hours.

Please RSVP via our CONTACT FORM  or by phone. Only 20 spots are available for this event.

More About Marc Roy

Marc Roy has spent the last 25 years with an instrument in his hands.  Raised on Bluegrass and Canadian Fiddle music, he emerged as a young teen on the Toronto music scene, earning his bluegrass stripes at the iconic “Crazy Strings” residency at the Silver Dollar Room in Toronto.  Along his way, he has been fortunate to play bluegrass, country and roots music with world class musicians and songwriters who have become friends and mentors. Marc was honored at the Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards with Guitar Player of the Year from 2007-2011, and mandolin player of the year in 2011.  

Marc Roy during a visit at The Twelfth Fret with Will Meadows