NAMM 2018 and Innovation: Enter The StompLight

NAMM 2018 and Innovation: Enter The StompLight- The Twelfth Fret

NAMM 2018 and Innovation: Enter The StompLight

The annual NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) is an interesting event. There’s so much to see and learn about when it comes to anything music. A lot of it is so overwhelming you start to see a lot of the same things, or at least a lot of the new things, seem to be extremely repetitive. I like going as I get to do the complete opposite as most others. My job is to intentionally look for something completely new, innovative and groundbreaking. So much to the point that I have the authority to just whiz by and skip through products that show any signs of similar features to another product.  This year, I stumbled upon (I actually saw this the year before, but re-confirmed my suspicions) the StompLight. What is it you ask? Well, grab a coffee and let me fill ya in!

Assuming you’re either guitar player of musician of some sort, you have a general knowledge of how certain equipment works and whatnot. The StompLight, is a stage light, with a multitude of colours, controllable via foot, for the every-day gigging musician. Let’s face it, most local gigs won’t have stadium lights like U2, if they even HAVE sufficient lighting, it’ll never be what you expect. With the StompLight in your arsenal, local musicians gigging around their cities in dingy pubs or holes in the walls or cafes will love this!  Not only is it foot-switchable for the musician to tweak on the spot turn off and on at their own will, it has a bunch of programmable features; the best feature I like is the “mic sensitive” feature. This means that it hears what you’re playing, and the lights will accent along with your music! There’s also an audio in and thru, so you can even hook up your guitar through it and the lights follow the guitar riff!

With the StompLight in your arsenal, local musicians gigging around their cities in dingy pubs or holes in the walls or cafes will love this! 

The Stomplight - The Twelfth Fret

The StompLight

On top of all this, there’s so much more you can do once you get any of the bundle packages. The PAL is an extra “slave” light that will mimic the MASTER StompLight, or it can be programmed to just be a static light. Sold separately is also a power bank (or more if you have more than one light), if you need to move the light around somewhere on stage and there’s no outlet nearby, simply hook up the power bank and your Stomplight is powered for seven hours! And with enough XLR or DMX cables, you can chain as many lights as you want. The features are endless! Not only that, the small form factor is great for pedalboards.

Now this article wasn’t meant to be just another advertisement, but I’ve got to say, this is definitely one of the most innovative things I’ve seen at NAMM this year! And I’ve been to NAMM more than three times.

The StompLight is available for sale at The Twelfth Fret in a gig-ready bundle (which includes 1 stomplight, 1 mic stand adapter, and 1 lithium ion rechargable power bank) starting at $449. CAD

Here’s a quick tutorial vid and introduction/review below by Gear Gods.

Max Moy – The Twelfth Fret