Super-Vee BladeRunner Bridge

Super-Vee BladeRunner Bridge - The Twelfth Fret

Super-Vee BladeRunner Bridge

From time to time a new guitar product comes along that can be truly called an advancement;  the BladeRunner Bridge qualifies as a major advancement in floating-bridge technology. 

At first blush, the BladeRunner is a solidly made bridge; lovely machine work and plating on the saddles, and a smooth-feeling whammy-bar adjustable tensioner that eliminates slop in the trem-arm threads.

But the unique innovation is the elimination of the knife edges; THE principal cause of tuning issues.

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Super-Vee BladeRunner Bridge High Tensile Tempered Steel

Super-Vee’s patented, frictionless bridge uses a unique “Blade” made from high tensile, tempered steel.  Sandwiched between the bridge plate and the mounting-screw block, this “blade” eliminates the “knife edge” used in standard bridges and is completely frictionless.  It has a super-smooth feel that will never degrade or wear out – guaranteed!

As Marc from Super Vee points out; 

The key here is that friction is the enemy of all vibratos and every other trem bridge uses some form of pivot point. Primarily due to friction and wear, all other trem systems tend to “stick” in the slightly wrong position and the “zero” point will continually drift over time. This results in relentless tuning instability and inconsistent action.

Super-Vee BladeRunner Bridge - The Twelfth Fret

Offered in standard mount for Vintage-style Strat, six-screw-mount and in American- Standard two-post-mount style.  The oblong mounting holes make the BladeRunner very forgiving and permits mounting on many off-brand guitars.

Two-Post-mount BladeRunner Bridge complete kit, chrome:     $249.50 CAD 

Special Note – Fabulous Accessory Item:

Mag-Lok: Anti-Deflection device;    Reduces string-drop during double-stop string bends. 

AND…for those who often break strings it saves huge embarrassment by allowing you to finish the song more-or-less in tune as the magnetic detent keeps the bridge at the zero position. 

The Mag-Lok uses Rare Earth magnets to securely hold the zero-position during hard string bends yet transparently releases when using the whammy bar.

It is truly the “Holy Grail” for ultimate control on all tone block style trem systems – including Floyd Rose. Installs in minutes with just a screwdriver.