The Kavanjo Banjo Pickup: Another Happy Customer

Duncan Fremlin  is one of our long time, professional banjo customers.  Duncan has performed with many of Canada’s greats and toured extensively over the years. But Duncan  also has a “real job” as a well established Realtor in the City of Toronto. He was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International RE/MAX Convention in Las Vegas. He was offered the chance to play with everyone’s favorite band; the Barenaked Ladies.

As you watch the performance, you can see as the “Ladies” realize that “this guy can really play !” and they encourage Duncan to stretch out his solo.

Duncan plays his old GoldStar banjo fitted with a new Kavanjo pickup in this performance.  Here at home he performs with his band,  Whiskey Jack with  his Deering Golden Era and Deering Tenbrooks Jens Kruger banjos.

Below is a video of Duncan’s performance, as well as his original letter to us.

Here is a link to purchase the Kavanjo Banjo Pickup.

Great job Duncan…and congratulations !

Grant:  I did perform with the Barenakeds in Vegas.

 The pick-up was amazing.  I walked on stage, the guy plugged me in and it was all there…. perfect from the first note.  The band’s techie knew what it was as soon as he saw it.  He also knew about that little $15 tuner I had.  He was at NAMM this year.

Duncan Fremlin, Broker

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