Handmade Wyres Acoustic Guitar Strings

Wyres Acoustic Guitar Strings - the Twelfth Fret

Wyres strings use the finest materials; Phosphor Bronze windings on premium grade, nickel-plated, musical-steel-wire core and the “P.T.F.D; Enhanced” coating makes them unique in the guitar string world. These ultra-high quality strings are handmade in Queens, New York. Then the strings are packaged in Toronto where the unique Wyres coating is also applied.

The Wyres proprietary coating is a “hydrophobic” polymer which repels water and oils.  Applied by hand before packaging, this ultra-thin polymer prevents oxidation and discolouration of the string without affecting the tone.

Wyres Strings Squeak Free
Wyres strings have a longer life and are free of the “squeak” one hears with non-coated strings. Unlike other coated strings, the Wyres coating will not flake off – plus the low-friction P.T.F.E coating makes them easier on the fingers.

The slippery feel of Wyres strings gives players the feeling that they are playing a lighter gauge.This along with the fact that hand-wound strings are by nature more flexible than production strings adds to the illusion that one has stepped down to the next lighter gauge.

The Wyres coating is literally only molecules thick and ensures that the string vibrates to its full potential; effectively “waterproofs” the strings extending life-span but without the subtle tonal loss due to the damping effect of the more standard thicker coating material.

Wyres offers nine principal gauges in Phosphor Bronze with seven additional special custom gauges available.
Here at the Twelfth Fret we have focused on four mainstream sets:

  • Standard medium gauge; CP13-56: 13-17-26-36-46-56 : Ideal for aggressive flat pickers, strummers and Bluegrass players

  • Light gauge; CP 1254: 12-16-25-34-44-54: A crossover between finger-style and flat-picking; a light-medium gauge for a strummer or flat-picker who wants slightly lower string tension than a standard Medium gauge

  • Light gauge; CP1253;  12-16-24-32-42-53:  A true light gauge string for finger-style and those who flat pick with a less aggressive attack.

  • Custom Light: CP1152; 11-15-22-32-42-52: A lively and easy to fret string that still has enough mass to produce bass but with minimal fret rattle. Ideal for advanced fingerstyle players and casual players who don’t want to overstress their left hand.

Wyres Bronze Strings retail for CAD15.00
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For more info about Wyres Strings, visit their website.