1920 Windsor Artiste Model 4 Zither Banjo (consignment) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Comments Here is a wonderful 1920 Windsor Artiste Model 4 Zither Banjo. Built in Birmingham, England, this instrument is in perfect playing condition.

This is a Beautiful example of a turn of the century English banjo, with Brazilian rosewood body, walnut neck, and ebony fingerboard. English banjos are immediately identifiable by the ‘flowerpot’ type tone pot with the head and ring dropped inside it, and the fifth string tunnel rather than the American style separate 5th string peg.

You’ll notice that the peghead has six tuners, and this is completely typical of English 5-string banjos of the period. It seems that only six-tuner sets were available, so one was not used and regarded as a spare!

These English banjos don’t have the powerful sound output that American resonator banjos do; they are rather quieter and sweeter sounding.

Serial Number N/A, but dates to around 1920. Built at 84 Newhall Street, Birmingham, England.
Pricing $999.99 CAD with newer hardshell case. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Neck Walnut neck with unbound ebony fingerboard.
Frets This instrument has been professionally refretted and there is very little wear on the new, standard size frets. This instrument is ready for decades more playing.
Body Brazilian rosewood casing with maple binding. There are two small shims at the bridge end of the pot.
Finish Original lacquer or varnish finish.
Hardware/electronics Original hardware, including the beautiful custom tailpiece. .
Playability/Action Plays very well, and as was originally intended, strung as 5-string.
Case Newer hardshell case with GoldTone logo.

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