1956 Gibson SJ Acoustic (consignment) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

The Gibson SJ, or Southern Jumbo, was Gibson’s slope-shoulder answer to the Martin square-shoulder dreadnought. It was introduced in 1942 with Sunburst as the available finish until 1954.

This example of the 1956 Gibson SJ is in good playing condition, with lots of wear. This guitar has been used as intended! There is fairly heavy pick wear on the top below the pickguard and bridge, there is a crack repair at the edge of the fingerboard by the pickguard, but there are no breaks in the neck or serious cracks. At one time, a pickup was installed and the hole for the jack is still in the lower treble bout. On the back, there is wear that appears to be from belt buckles or blue jean rivets. The back of the neck has the usual type of finish wear and the fingerboard has been partially refretted (perhaps from the first to the ninth frets). There is some fretwear but it still plays pretty cleanly.

Either despite or because of the wear, this guitar sounds great. It’s played in to be full and warm, yet bright and clear. The action is reasonably low so it’s comfortable to play.

Serial Number: V6145-17 stamped on the neck block, which dates the instrument to 1956 and built in Gibson’s historic Kalamazoo, Michigan plant.

Pricing: $5,999.99 Canadian with archtop hardshell case.

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