1961 Gibson J-45 Adjustable Bridge (consignment) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Comments It’s always a pleasure to play guitars like this 1961 Gibson J-45 adjustable bridge. The body design and neck shape are very comfortable, and they produce an envelopingly warm, rich tone, especially if they’ve been part of a lot of playing over the decades, as this one has.

The adjustable bridge was added to the J-45 as an option in 1956 and became standard in 1961, when this example was built. There is no label on these models, but the center strip is stamped ‘J-45 Adj. Bridge’.

This particular guitar has seen a lot over the years, and it has had a few repairs. The bridge and headstock both cracked, and both were repaired in our shop. It’s quite solid, and sounds great.

Serial Number 14026, built during 1961 at the historic Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Pricing $2,799.00 Canadian with non-original hardshell case.
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard. Mother of Pearl dot position markers, gold screened Gibson logo. The headstock has had a crack repair, done in our shop, and is solid. 24.25 inch scale length and 1 11/16 inch nut width.
Frets Likely original frets with wear, particularly in the lower positions. This guitar has seen a lot of strumming!
Body Classic Gibson slope-shoulder dreadnought design, featuring a spruce top, spruce bracing, and mahogany back and sides. Rosewood bridge with ceramic adjustable saddle; the bridge had developed a crack and this was repaired in our shop. The back has had a crack repair near the edge of the lower treble bout, and the the top has had one between the pickguard and fingerboard.
Finish Original nitrocellulose sunburst finish with strumming wear on the top and some buckle rash on the back.
Hardware/electronics Original hardware; Kluson Deluxe strip tuners with creme plastic buttons. Plastic nut, ceramic saddle, black plastic strap tail strap pin.
Playability/Action Plays well and cleanly.
Case Non-original Gibson hardshell case included.

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