1965-67 Ampeg Gemini II G-15 Amplifier No Longer Available

During the 1960’s, Ampeg was a prominent player in the guitar and bass amp market. The innovative ‘Portaflex’ design had the amp circuitry on a panel that flipped in for transport and storage, and out for playing. In 1969, Ampeg introduced the SVT (Super Valve Technology) bass amp and this became a standard on many large stages, providing up to 300 watts — just what was needed for ever-increasing venue sizes and volume levels.

Ampeg’s guitar amps didn’t reach that sort of power, but were very common in jazz clubs and many rock players also used them. This 1965-67 Ampeg Gemini II G-15 amplifier tops out at about 30 watts with one Jensen 15 inch speaker. This example is in good working order; it’s full and clean sounding with tremolo and reverb (marked as ‘echo’) circuits. The original footpedal is included.

Serial Number: 31170; built between 1965 and 1967 in Woodinville, Washington, USA.

Pricing:$650.00 CAD

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