1970 Fender Fretless Precision Bass No Longer Available

Comments Here is a great condition 1970 Fender Fretless Precision Bass.

The Fender Precision Bass has been in continuous production since 1951, with some changes in response to musical trends. For example, we have this Fretless version. In the late 1960’s, some prominent bass players were seeking a different tone and moved to fretless instruments, though these were not regular production items and were hard to find.

For a while, repair shops such as ours regularly modified fretted basses to fretless. Normally, the ‘defret’ process involved removing the frets, inserting a veneer in the fret slot, then planing the board very level and setting the action very low to get the characteristic fretless ‘growl’ – which would probably be a ‘rattle’ if there were frets. An obvious advantage of this approach is that it’s reversible.

However, this is a fine example of an early Fender production response to the demand for fretless instruments. It’s in original condition with the bridge and pickup covers included.

Serial Number 278025, built during 1970 in Fullerton, California.
Pricing $2,999.00 CAD with original case.
Neck Maple neck with unbound, unmarked rosewood fingerboard.
Frets No frets! The fingerboard is in good condition with very minor wear.
Body Alder body in classic P-bass shape.
Finish Gloss poly sunburst finish in good shape – some wear on the back and around the edges.
Hardware/electronics All original hardwear including bridge and pickup covers!
Playability/Action Plays very well.
Case Original hardshell case included.

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