1990 Fender Tweed 59 Bassman amplifier No longer Available

Here’s a 1990 Fender Tweed 59 Bassman amplifier.

Fender originally introduced the Bassman in 1952 as a 26 watt, single 15 inch speaker. In late 1954, it was changed radically with an increase in power to 40 watts — and a change to four 10 inch speakers. This version was produced until 1960, when the line changed again to the ‘piggyback’ configuration — separate head and speaker cabinets.

The Bassman design has proven to be very versatile and popular; many other amplifier lines, such as early Marshalls, were based on it.

Fender’s early intention for the Bassman, despite its name, was to create an amp that could be used by bass players, guitarists, and harmonica players. Many, many guitarists have taken this to heart and you’ll see Bassmans on many stages and studio floors. For example, on the stage for the Brian Setzer orchestra, you’ll often see a pair of blonde Bassmans.

In 1990, Fender launched a reissue of the 1959 model, and it’s been very well received. During the mid-1990’s, David Gilmour used a pair of them as part of his rig.

This example is in excellent, very clean condition.

Serial Number: AA13780, dates to Jauary 1990, and built in Corona, California.

Pricing: $750.00 CAD with cover.

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