1990s Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier (consignment) No Longer Available

Introduced in 1996, the Hot Rod Deluxe updates the Fender Blues Deluxe amp, adding switchable gain levels to the amp’s single channel. This is a tube amp except for the rectifier and and reverb driver and recovery, which are solid state; the amp circuit is built on a PCB rather than using point to point construction as in older (and more expensive) amps. Also, a Presence control and effects loop have been added to the control plate.

The control plate shows another subtle but very handy advance over many older Fender top-panel amps. Older amps seem to have been built with the intention that the amp would be at the front of the stage. Now, however, most amps are towards the back line, so the lettering has been reversed and when you read it from the front of the amp, it’s no longer upside down.

This 1990s Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier features 40 watts into a single twelve inch speaker. It’s in great condition with very little wear. Includes footswitch for gain selection.

Serial Number: B 015919, built during the 1990’s in Corona, California.

Pricing: $499.99 CAD with footswitch.

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