1997 Fender Hot Rod Deville Amp (consignment) No Longer Available

Fender introduced the Hot Rod series of amps around 1996, with the Deluxe and DeVille as prominent positions. The DeVille is a 60-watt amp, mostly tube but with solid state components used for the recitifier and reverb send and recovery; as well a PCB board is used rather than point-to-point construction, which significantly lowers production costs.

The Fender Hot Rod DeVille features three switchable channels – normal, drive, and more drive. The channels share the EQ stacks. The 212 version comes with a pair of 12-inch Eminence speakers.

As with the Hot Rod Deluxe, the amp includes a presence control and preamp out-power amp in jacks on the control panel for connecting extra gear. And the panel lettering is oriented so it’s right side up when you look at the amp from the front.

This 1997 Fender Hot Rod Deville amp is in excellent condition and comes with footswitch and cover.

Serial Number: B 128952, built in Corona California, USA. The date code points to March of 1997.

Pricing: $675.00 CAD with footswitch and cover.

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