1999 Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee Black SSS No Longer Available

Comments Here’s a nice 1999 Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee Black SSS model in great playing condition. Music Man was originally founded by Forest White, Tom Walker and Leo Fender, fresh from but not quite free of of his contractual agreements with Fender Musical Instruments and CBS. Early Music Man instruments did not, unfortunately, feature consistently high quality, and Leo moved on with George Fullerton to form G&L Musical Instruments. The Music Man company was sold to Ernie Ball in 1984. The Albert Lee signature model was introduced in 1993 and is really an under-appreciated instrument. Very well balanced, distictive yet classy appearance, wonderful tone, and the playability makes it obvious that a highly skilled player had a hand in the design.
Serial Number A90338, built in 1999 in San Luis Opisbo, California, USA.
Pricing $1,100 CAD with case.
Neck Maple neck with unbound fingerboard; black dot position markers.
Frets Jumbo frets with minor wear in the lower positions.
Body Angular Albert Lee style body, southern ash, in good condition.
Finish Gloss black finish on body in decent condition, clear gloss finish on headstock, oiled neck area.
Hardware/electronics Three single coil pickups, with center RWRP to provide hum-cancelling when two pickups are selected. This model does not have the hum-cancelling coil. Locking tuners, Music Man two-post trem bridge, pearlescent pickguard and backplate. Master tone and volume.
Playability/Action Plays very well. Currently strung with 11-49 strings.
Case Original hardshell case included

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