1999 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster (consignment) No Longer Available

Comments When Leo Fender introduced the Stratocaster in 1954, two versions were available, one with the trem bridge and one hardtail – for some reason, the year with the largest percentage of hardtail models made was 1958. The hardtail version remained an option until 2006, when it was discontinued.

This 1999 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster is in good overall condition; there is some fretwear, meaning the instrument has been used as intended, but it’s been well cared for and not abused.

Serial Number N9417683, built during 1999 in Corona, California.
Pricing $750.00 CAD with case. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Neck Maple neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard. Truss rod adjuster at the head end, and a four-bolt with microtilt neck angle adjustment.
Frets Moderate wear.
Body Ash body with contours, but no route for the trem bridge!
Finish Natural gloss poly finish in good condition.
Hardware/electronics All original hardware.
Playability/Action Plays well and cleanly, and will for a long time.
Case Hardshell case included.

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