2007 Lapdancer Lap Steel Prototype No Longer Available

Comments Here is a 2007 Lapdancer Lap Steel Prototype. Lapdancer custom builds lap steel guitars and necks, including ‘conversion’ parts.

This particular model is shown on the Lapdancer site as the ‘Redneck Custom Supreme’. It features an ash body and bolt-on maple neck, but also a Hipshot Trinity bridge with three pitch settings for each string, plus a pair of Jason Lollar pickups. The neck pickup is the ‘Charlie Christian’ model, and the bridge pickup is the controversial ‘Horseshoe’ model. This pickup is based on a design patented by George Beauchamp, a Rickenbacker co-founder, in 1937, and Rickenbacker trademarked parts of it in 2004. In May, 2013, Rickenbacker filed a trademark infringement suit against Lollar for the bass version of this pickup.

Overall this is a very interesting instrument with unique tones, enormous versatility from on-the-fly tuning changes, and a very cool appearance.

Serial Number N/A, built in 2007.
Pricing $1450.00 CAD with gig bag.
Neck Maple neck with wide black inlays for fret positions. Black dot position markers.
Frets No frets! Wide, easy to see black inlays marking out the fret locations.
Body Ash body with traditional ‘Tele’ shape and layout.
Finish Gloss red transluscent finish on the body, clear gloss on the neck. Excellent condition.
Hardware/electronics Black hardware. Lollar pickups – Horseshoe pickup at the bridge, ‘Charlie Christian’ pickup at the neck. Locking Gotoh tuning gears, Hipshot Trinity tailpiece/bridge. Roller nut.
Playability/Action Plays well and the Hipshot is easy to adjust and use.
Case Gig bag included.

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