65 Amps Stone Pony 2010 (consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number 75H905038, built 2010 in North Hollywood, California.
Pricing $2399 CND, head and 2×12 speaker cabinet.
Finish Black tolex with cream panels and accents. Covering is in excellent condition.
Hardware/electronics Uses 7591 tubes; defeatable master voltage, 2×12 open-back speaker cabinet with stock Celestion speakers – one G12 Alnico Blue and one G12H30. Footswitch and power cable included.
Comments This excellent condition amp is switchable between 25 and 50 watts. 65 Amps was started by Peter Stroud, guitarist for Cheryl Crow, and Dan Boul, responding to a need for lower stage volume levels; they needed pro-grade lower wattage amps with ‘vintage’ tone. Using custom hand-wound transformers from Mercury Magnetics, top-grade hand-selected components and built to military grade specifications. The two different speakers, with ceramic and alnico magnets, are not an accident – 65 Amps finds that this pair “provide the most tonal “vocabulary” possible to the player. Each magnet has a unique pallet of tones and when combined, they tend to compliment each other very well and produce a sound that is more “hi-def”.”

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