de Jonge Concert Spruce No Longer Available

Master luthier Sergei de Jonge is one of the few builders in the world who is able to constantly push the boundaries of conventional guitar making. Never shy to try something new, de Jonge’s latest creation is sure to turn a few heads. This Concert body guitar is made entirely from Spruce… top, sides, back, and neck! Yet again, de Jonge has proven his ability to take a bold idea and turn it into a masterpiece.

Generally speaking, Spruce is a very clear and articulate sounding tone wood. It creates fantastic note fundamentals, which is a large part of why it is so commonly used to make guitar tops. With this in mind, I expected the Concert Spruce to be a fairly bright sounding guitar, with a very direct note sustain. What I wasn’t expecting expecting was the level of tonal depth I heard as soon as I strummed the guitar for the first time. While it doesn’t generate the complex overtones you would expect from a Rosewood or Mahogany backed guitar, there is still plenty of warmth here. de Jonge’s concert body shape creates a level of depth that adds a wonderful dimension to the sound of the guitar. Combined with the clarity of the note fundamental, this guitar can sound rich and full without the slightest blur between notes.

The icing on the cake? This guitar looks absolutely gorgeous! The Sitka Spruce has a beautiful grain, and the Birds Eye maple binding adds just the right flourish. It is an elegant guitar from top to bottom, built by hand by a true master. What more could anyone want?

– Nevin Douglas

Sergei De Jonge Concert Spruce: $8500, w/case


* Spruce Top, Back, and Sides.
* 1 3/4″ wide bone nut
* truss rod adjusts at peghead
* precision Alessi tuners with black pearl buttons
* radiused ebony fingerboard
* Spruce neck
* 25.4″ scale length
* Birds eye maple headstock overlay and binding.
* 14 fret neck-to-body joint
* ebony bridge
* intonation compensated bone saddle
* 2 3/16″ string spacing at the bridge
* 15 5/8″ lower bout dimension
* 4 3/8″ deep sides at end pin
* gloss lacquer finish