Fender Blackface Tremolux amp 1966 (consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number A04949, built 1966 in Fullerton, California.
Pricing $1499 CAD. No Longer Available
Finish Original Black tolex and Fender grillecloth in good condition with no tears.
Hardware/electronics Original electronics, in good working order. As the name implies, the Tremolux has tremolo circuitry, but no reverb. This example has the AB763 circuit with two 6L6 tubes. Original skirted black knobs. 35 watts with 2×12 sealed cabinet.
Comments Here we have a 1966, CBS-era blackface Tremolux head with the original 2×12 cabinet. The Tremolux was introduced in 1955 as a 15-watt amp with 6V6 tubes, and as a 35-watt amp with 6l6’s was discontinued in summer 1966. Blackface amps were produced between 1964 and 1967, and for 1964 and part of 1965 were ‘pre-CBS’. The major difference between pre-CBS and CBS models is simply the labelling on the panels. Includes the tilt-back legs on the cabinet but the bolt-downs for the head are missing.

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