Fender Custom Shop Guitars (Used and Consignment) No Longer Available

Here at the 12th Fret, we are lucky enough to have an incredible number of great second hand instruments move
through the shop every week…. far more than we could ever hope to feature on our website. Every now and then,
we get a build up of instruments that deserve some time in the spotlight. Today, we are featuring a fantastic
selection of second hand Fender Custom Shop instruments. If you’ve already seen today’s “What’s New”
feature, you know we have more Fender Custom Shop guitars in stock right now than we’ve ever had before, with
these used beauties rounding out our selection. All 3 guitars featured here are in great condition, and play very

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Jr. Mahogany: Mahogany neck & body, neck through design, Custom Shop
P90 Pickups, very slight fret wear on first 3 frets, excellent playability. # CN200988   $2099 Canadian (approx.
$2000 USD as of Sept 3/2010) * Consignment *
Fender Custom Shop ’56 Stratocaster NOS: Very nice example of a 1956 Reissue in near-mint condition.
Flame-maple neck, 5-way selector switch. # R10850   $1895 Canadian (approx $1804. USD as of Sep 3/2010) *
Used *
Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Stratocaster: Custom ordered Stratocaster with Birds Eye Maple neck,
noiseless pickups, Clapton active Mid-booster. # AE489    $2750 Canadian (approx. $2619 USD as of Sep 3/2010)
* Consignment *