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ON SALE: $175


A bold, brazen, and beautiful boost pedal that must be heard to be believed.

Utilizing a unique pentode driven, variable bias tube design, the Boostassio boost pedal can produce tones ranging from a completely transparent clean boost to a low-wattage amp on the brink of obliteration. An EF86 tube is used for its enormous presence, exquisite gain, and extremely quiet operation.

The Volume knob controls the output level, which can deliver up to 20dB of clean boost—more than enough to drive even the most pristine amp into saturation. The Bias knob controls the headroom and harmonic behavior of the tube. In the full counter-clockwise Bliss position, the tube is biased normally for shimmering clarity, depth, and headroom. In the full clockwise Pissed position the tube is biased virtually to cutoff, evoking a low-wattage amp gasping for its life.

From revved-up rockabilly snap all the way to thick, warm slabs of lushness, a luminous sea of color awaits you with the Boostassio.

Footswitch: Switching is provided by a super reliable relay controlled True Bypass system that automatically switches to bypass mode in the event of a power interruption to the pedal unit or pedalboard.

Tube Complement: 1- EF86 pentode (not interchangeable with 12AX7 or similar types). A selected Tung-Sol EF86 is chosen for low microphonics, ultra-quiet operation and extended tube life. The EF86 is powered by a super low-noise high output internal power transformer for maximum dynamic range and bullet-proof reliability.


  • Uses a unique pentode-driven, variable-bias EF86 tube design
  • Volume and Bias controls
  • Goes from a transparent clean boost to an overdriven low-wattage amp
  • True-bypass switching
  • AC adapter included

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