German Guitar Lute 1920’s (consignment) No longer available

Serial Number N/A, but built in Germany in the 1920’s.
Pricing $999 CND with bag case.
Neck Possibly Yew, with a scalloped rosewood fingerboard. Two pearl dots are mounted on the bass side of the neck at the 5th and 7th positions. The head has floral motif carvings.
Frets Frets are inlaid into the scalloped fingerboard,
Body The bound top appears to be cedar, and the ribs are curly maple. The bowl back uses the glue-and-parchment technique to obtain the concave shape that helps give strength and stability. The top has had a split and has some wear marks from playing. The rose is carved in a lyre shape with a second engraving below it.
Finish Hand finished with lacquer or shellac.
Hardware/electronics Original tuning gears with some replaced buttons. The bridge has been shaved somewhat, and has a wire saddle.
Playability/Action This instrument plays quite well. It’s got a full, rich sound and has a good amount of volume.
Case Bag case included.
Comments During the 1920’s, many European countries began to look again to their cultural histories. During the 1800s, the Lute virtually disappeared as an instrument – there were very few builders, and construction methods were lost, though there was a large amount of music available. The revival in the early 20th century produced many new instruments as builders tried to re-discover techniques and adapt to more modern needs. This example combines the coursing of a guitar with the general construction of a lute. It’s in good playable shape with a good sound.

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