Gibson ES-335 1967 (consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number 330492, built 1967 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Pricing $2599 CND with case No Longer Available
Neck Mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard; block markers. Many years ago the headstock cracked and was repaired and touched up by George Furlanetto in Hamilton.
Frets 22 frets, refretted with a medium high wire. Some wear but lots left.
Body Maple laminate body, bound top and back; F-holes are not bound on 335 models.
Finish Cherry red nitrocellulose lacquer finish with some wear, but in generally good shape. Touchups to the neck around the headstock area as part of the repair.
Hardware/electronics original electronic components; individual volume and tone controls and pickup selector, but some rewiring has been done. Original Kluson tuners replaced with matching Schaller models. Converted to stop tailpiece from trapeze, and newer Gibson tune-a-matic bridge to match.
Playability/Action Plays very well and the stop tailpiece adds some solidity to the feel. The guitar has a reasonable weight.
Case Newer hardshell case.
Comments This Gibson ES-335 from 1967 is a really resonant, good sounding instrument that plays quite well. While lots of great players have used the 335, this one brings to mind the cherry 335 Eric Clapton used in Cream.

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