Gibson RB-100 Banjo 1966 No Longer Available

Serial Number 800003, built 1966
Pricing $1149.00 with original case
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard.
Frets Medium fret wear.
Body Black ply tone ring, brass rod, 1-piece flange.
Finish Original finish, with touchups at heel – see comments section below.
Hardware/electronics Two Schaller D-Tuners added. Fiberskyn head.
Playability/Action We’ll be glad to set this up to meet the player’s needs.
Case Original case included, worn and stickered.
Comments Here’s a 1966 Gibson RB100 banjo. Shaded finish was “blown in” around the heel, and clearly this is to hide a repaired heel crack. The finish work appears to be at least 30 years old so clearly the repair, what ever was done, was sound and well done.

This banjo has an incredible amount of honest wear and tear. I’m sure it would have a few stories to tell !

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