Gibson RB 3 Mastertone 1929 (Consignment) No Longer Available


  • Serial Number… 8041-3 circa 1929 No Longer Available
  • Neck… Original peg head scarfed onto a walnut laminate neck with ebony fretboard, V neck profile, snowflake inlay.
  • Frets… Low with minor wear.
  • Body… Mahogany resonator.
  • Finish… Resonator and rim have original finish, lots of scratches, checking and wear and tear.
  • Hardware/electronics… Original rim, ball bearing tone ring, outer skirt of the tone ring has a drilled hole pattern, Waverly tail piece has been drilled out for a five string, original pot and rim, Grover tuners, installed sliding 5th string capo.
  • Playability/Action… Good playability with current action a 5.5/64″ bass side and 7/64″ treble side.
  • CaseOld case with metal extension in very rough condition.
  • Pricing…$2999.99 Canadian Dollars (approx.$2946.US$ as of Nov.1/2011) REDUCED