Gibson SG JR 1965 (Consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number:… 356257 circa 1965 No Longer Available
Description:… Pick up a early to mid 60’s SG or SG JR and it is pretty easy to see why so
many players swear by these instruments. The light weight, great upper fret access and
excellent playability will have you coming back for more! This example is in good overall
shape with lots of cool looking lacquer checking patterns and a Vibrola trem arm.
Neck:… Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, 1 11/16″ nut with, 24 3/4″ scale length,
medium to fuller elliptical profile neck shape.
Frets:… Medium wear mostly in first position.
Body:… Mahogany body
Finish:… Red with lots of lacquer checking and a couple of small dents and scratches.
Hardware/electronics:… P-90 pickup with black dog ear cover, Vibrola trem arm, Gibson
Deluxe strip tuners.
Playability/Action:… Great playability with current action at 4/64″ bass side and 3/64″
treble side.
Case:… Original brown cardboard case.
Pricing:… $3800.00 Canadian Dollars (approx.$3725.US$ as of Nov.29/2010)