H.C. Dobson Banjo 1878 (Consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number 7792, 1878
Pricing $1499.99 CND (approx.$1497.USD as of Feb.11/2012) No Longer Available 
Neck Mahogany neck, new ebony fingerboard, fretless with fret markers from 120 year old celluloid, new rosewood friction tuners.
Body Open back with new calf skin head.
Finish Finish description here
Hardware/electronics Original tail piece and doughnut tone ring, only one replaced hook, period bridge by Bert Veerman
Comments This very cool fretless open back banjo was restored by Luke Mercier and features Nylgut strings on a newer fretless ebony fingerboard with fret markers from 120 year old celluloid and a 100 year old strip of marquetry. Comes with a newer hardshell case.


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