Hofner 500/1 ‘Beatle Bass’ 1965 (consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number Unknown, built in 1965.
Pricing $1499.99 CAD with non-original hardshell case. REDUCED
Neck Maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, short (30″) scale length. One corner of the headstock broke and was repaired many years ago, and there is touchup on the headstock.
Frets Zero frets, slight fret wear on original frets.
Body Maple laminate back and sides, spruce top. This instrument was played so there is some wear.
Finish The original finish is nitrocellulose lacquer and the body shows very heavy lacquer checking. Lacquer checks as a natural response to temperature and humidity changes; the wood moves faster than the relatively thin and brittle lacquer and so the lacquer develops cracks or ‘checks’. There are some touchups on the back.
Hardware/electronics All original except for one replaced knob and the output jack.
Playability/Action Plays well, currently set to 8/64″ bass side and 6.64″ treble.
Case Non-original hardshell case included.
Comments The Hofner 500/1 was catapulted to fame with the rise of The Beatles; it was Paul McCartney’s bass of choice for many years, thousands of shows and hundreds of recordings. It’s a very comfortable instrument to play, given its light weight, short scale and narrow neck. And it’s got a distinctive sound and look. This example is in good working order, the finish has seen better days but is largely original. The kind of finish wear you see here is quite natural for lacquer.

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