Ludwig ‘The Ace’ Tenor Banjo 1932 No Longer Available

Serial Number N/A, dated to 1932.
Pricing $1399.99 CAD with case.
Neck Walnut neck with bound ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl markers and ‘Pyralin’ headplate with Ludwig ‘The Ace’ logo.
Frets Some play wear. 19 frets in total.
Body Walnut resonator with marquetry floral design on the back. Gold plated arm-rest, rim and hoop.
Finish Gold plating on most metal parts, nitrocellulose lacquer on wooden parts in good condition.
Hardware/electronics Gold plating on all metal parts, including the arm rest, pancake tuners and original tailpiece. Plating is in excellent condition though there is some natural wear on the arm rest.
Playability/Action Plays well and we will of course set it up for the player’s requirements.
Case Original case included.
Comments Beautiful Ludwig Ace top-tension plectrum banjo. Gold-plated metalwork, including pancake tuners and original tailpiece. Marquetry all over rim and resonator. The Ace model was the middle of the Ludwig line, but might have been the most aesthetically pleasing of the lot — fancier than the “plain Jane” Kingstons, Bellevues, etc., but more tasteful/less gaudy than the Chiefs, etc. This one has a beautiful clear tone. Now dated to 1932.

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