Marshall 1959 Ltd Head and 1968 412 Cab Purple (Consignment) No Longer Available

Serial Number N/A
Pricing $3500.00 CND (approx.$3528.USD as of Oct.29/2011) No Longer Available
Comments I guess you would just have to play Prince’s Purple Rain on this cool stack! This limited edition 1959 purple Marshall head from the 90’s has seen some wear and tear but has that great crunchy tone. The leather on the handle is worn away at the bottom, the back panel is missing some screws and it now has a Kendrick made turret board. The accompanying 412 cabinet also features a purple tolex and the original 1968 Celestion speakers. The grille cloth and name plate has been changed and one of the speakers is missing its plastic cap. Pairing these two purple power houses together provides a tone to die for!!

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