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1928 Gibson A-Style Mandolin SOLD

Price: CDN $2150
US Price: US $1712.19
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 87300
I am surprised at how many vintage Gibson mandolins pass through our shop and it's always a thrill seeing how well they have stood up. On the other hand, considering how popular mandolin orchestras were until the 1920s, perhaps what is surprising is that we don't see more mandolins from that time.

This 1928 Gibson A-Style mandolin is typical - hand built with hand-carved, oval soundhole spruce top, hand carved maple back, maple sides, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and a black finish. The pickguard is faux tortoise celluloid, partially covering the oval soundhole. 'The Gibson' is written in script on the headstock - it's not a decal or inlay. One of the tuner buttons has a crack that has been repaired with glue. The tone is clear and bright with plenty of volume.

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