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1929 National Triolian Single Cone Resophonic (SOLD)

Price: CDN $2299.99
US Price: US $1831.64
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Class: Vintage
S/N: No serial, dates to 1929 and Los Angeles, California.
The National Triolian appeared in 1928, using a single cone design with a wood body for the first year, followed by a stamped and painted metal body.  

This wonderful piece is a very early example of the National Triolian, dating to late 1928 or 1929 featuring a wooden body, unbound 12-fret neck with maple fingerboard and slotted peghead. The painted polychrome finish appears original, though the hula girl applique on the back and top are a later addition.  

Currently tuned to open D, this fine vintage resophonic guitar is set up for a mix of fingerstyle and slide. It has a great sound and plays cleanly. I had to exert some will to stop playing and take the pictures!  

A Gibson style faux-alligator fibre (that is to say, cardboard) case is included. Modern hard-shell cases are available.

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