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1930 Gibson L-4 Archtop Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2899
US Price: US $2308.67
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 90105, dates to 1930.
Here's a very nice Gibson L-4 Archtop Guitar. Arch-top guitars at this time were just about to change - note the round soundhole. F-holes were introduced by Lloyd Loar on the L-5 in 1923, but they didn't really catch on until the 1930s. Introduced in 1911 with a round soundhole, by the mid-1930's, the L-4 gained the now-standard F-holes.

The L-4 features a carved spruce top, maple back and sides, a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and an ebony bridge.

This 1930 Gibson L-4 is in good playing condition with original parts and finish. It has been refretted, and the back has had a seam repair. A case is included.

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