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1930s Oahu Style 50K Squareneck (SOLD)

Price: CDN $450
US Price: US $358.37
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Class: Vintage
The Oahu Publishing Company was based in Chicago, Illinois, and was set up by Harry G. Stanley in the 1930s as a sheet-music mail order house. To go with the sheet music, Oahu also contracted with companies like Regal, Harmony, Valco and Rickenbacker to supply Oahu-branded guitars.

This is a 1930s Oahu Style 50K acoustic guitar, with a square neck and a metal nut riser showing that it was intended to be played lap-style as a Hawaiian guitar. At this point, steel guitar was almost exclusively Hawaiian; Blues and country slide styles barely existed. The top, back and sides are likely birch laminate, with poplar for the neck. The metal pyramid bridge is characteristic of Oahu student model guitars, and is bolted to the top.

This guitar is in original, good playing condition and comes with a gig bag.

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