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SOLD!!! 1937 Gibson L7 Archtop Guitar

Price: CDN $4199.99
US Price: US $3344.74
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 94442, built during 1937 at the Gibson Kalamazoo plant.
The Gibson L7 appeared in 1932 as the top level of full size, 17 inch wide, Gibson archtop guitars, and has been a premiere model for serious guitarists since then.


This is a 1937 Gibson L7, and as such has a couple of features specific to that period. Unusually for archtop guitars, the 1935 to 1939 models have an X-braced top, rather than the longitudinal tone bars traditionally used on this type of instrument. As well, it has the 'picture frame' inlay set. The tailpiece and tuners are original, and the pickguard is a very good reproduction.


This guitar plays well, and comes with the original 'red line' hard shell case.


Visit the Gibson Guitars website and read about the current version of the Gibson L7 acoustic archtop, the L7-C cutaway!

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