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1938 Dobro Deluxe No.1 Single Cone Resophonic (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 5330, dating to around 1935 and California.
Here's an unusual instrument - from the mid-late 1930, a Dobro Deluxe No.1 'alumilite' aluminum fiddle-body resophonic guitar.  

The Dopyera Brothers, whose name Dobro derives from, were involved until 1928 in the National company and its introduction of the resophonic guitar. On their own, they founded Dobro, which for a time was one of North America's most recognisable brand names.  

The Dobro Deluxe No.1 looks to be a variation on the Dobro No.47 or M-47 model. It uses a sheet aluminum body, marketed as 'Alumilite' with a 'fiddle edge', where the top and back extend beyond the sides, segmented round 'port hole' sound holes, and with a painted sunburst finish. This guitar, like the No.47, has two holes for a pickguard mount (the pickguard is long gone), and a faux-tortoise peghead overlay with 'Dobro' engraved. Unlike the No.47, the words 'DELUXE No.1' are also engraved and painted. The neck is likely poplar, with a bound rosewood fingerboard.  

Dating is not certain, because there are very few references to this specific model, and the serial number points to 1933. However, the No.47 model was built between 1937 and 1940, so we are dating this to 1938.  

A new NRP (National) cone has been installed and the guitar has been set up for a combination of slide and fingerstyle.  

A Japanese fibre case is included.

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