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1950 Gibson GA-50T Amplifier SOLD

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Class: Vintage
S/N: N/A, but dates to 1950
The Gibson GA-50T amplifier was one of Gibson's big post-WW2 amplifiers, introduced in the closing days of the 1940s. As an upgrade from the 25-watt GA-50, the GA-50T added a tremolo circuit.

The GA-50 and GA-50T use a pair of 6L6 tubes for the output stage, two 6SJ7 (three for the T model) for the preamp, two 6J5s for hte phase splitter, and a 5V4 tube for the rectifier. The amp has one microphone and three instrument inputs on two channels, with two volume controls, bass and treble controls. This all passes out through two speakers - a 12 inch and an 8 inch. Jensens are installed.

The GA-50T had a first, that's now standard nearly everywhere - it came with a grounded power cord! On this amp, the power cord has been replaced with a newer 3-prong model; the original used a clamp for the ground as there really were no 3-prong outlets.

The GA-50 and GA-5T were produced until about 1954.

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