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1951 Gibson ES-350 Archtop Electric SOLD

Price: CDN $4200
US Price: US $3344.75
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Class: Vintage
S/N: A 6731, built during 1951 in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Built between 1947 and 1956, the Gibson ES-350 was one of Gibson's new postwar archtop models. Based on the non-cutaway ES-300, the ES-350 added a cutaway to the 17 inch body, and one P-90 pickup for the first year; in 1948 it had two pickups.

The ES-350 was a popular guitar, and you may have seen photos of Chuck Berry using a 1956 model on many performances and heard the recordings.

This 1951 Gibson ES-350 archtop electric is constructed with a maple laminate body for feedback rejection at volume, and a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. It isn't entirely original - the wiring has been updated to a conventional pickup selector, master volume and master tone. Initially, the ES-350 had a master tone control on the cutaway and two volume controls. The frets may be original.

This guitar has likely had a neck reset, and with that the neck has been refinished. As a result of the reset, the neck angle is good and the action can be adjusted as desired. A non-original arched-top hardshell case is included.

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