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1954 C. F. Martin D-18 Dreadnought Steel String Guitar SOLD

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 137100, built during 1954 at the Martin shop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
The Martin D-18 has been one of the benchmark, go-to guitars since it was introduced, and is very popular with fingerstyle and bluegrass players. The pairing of spruce for the top and mahogany for the back and sides produces a wonderfully articulate brilliance, yet full tone with a lot of clarity and separation.


This example was built during 1954 at the C. F. Martin plant in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. It is in good working order but as with anything of this age, it's had some work done. There is a very old refinish, the neck was reset and refretted. The fingerboard was levelled to remove pitting, and some of the deepest pits were filled.


The ebony bridge has been changed and subsequently shaved, and a new rosewood sub-plate has been installed - this is on the inside of the top, under the bridge, and is what the ball ends of the strings actually press against. Long ago, there was some damage to the bass side approaching the tail block, and this was repaired. The original Kluson tuners have been replaced by Grover Roto-Matic models. There is a line drawing on the back, of the US state of Maryland.


It does have that sparkling Martin D-18 tone, and it plays well and cleanly. The aged, non-original finish has a pleasant patina, and it's a pleasure to sit and play.


A non-original brown Japanese hardshell case is included.

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