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1956 Gibson ES-140 Archtop Electric (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
S/N: V 6042 21 is the FON - Factory Order Number. No serial number.
Introduced in 1950, the Gibson ES-140 looks like a 3/4 size ES-175, with a full depth archtop body and one P-90 pickup. The ES-140 was made until 1956, and in 1957 the thinline ES-140T 3/4 appeared - the difference between the two being the body depth.

This fine Gibson ES-140 was built in 1956. It has a 22.75 inch scale length fingerboard, and a 12.75 inch wide, full depth body with one cutaway and a single 'dog ear' P-90 pickup. It's in very good condition; there is some wear on the back of the neck, and there's a scratch in the top finish between the treble F-hole and the tone control, with a corresponding mark on the binding nearby. There are a few other small marks and chips in the finish near the tailpiece and headstock.

This instrument is in original condition except for the tuners, which have been replaced with individual Kluson-style models with plastic Keystone buttons. The original tuners would have been strip-mount Klusons with creme plastic buttons.

This is a very fun guitar to play - it is small so if you're used to a full sized guitar it's very easy to get around on, but it is a quality instrument and has that 50's Gibson sound and feel.

Typical of many Gibson archtops of the period, it has no serial number. Instead, it has a Factory Order Number (FON), reading V 6042 21. The V denotes 1956 - this sequence started at Z in 1952 and ended with Q in 1962.

An non-original oversized classical case is included.

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