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1957 C. F. Martin D-28 SOLD

Price: CDN $13900
US Price: US $11069.52
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 154864, dates to 1957 at the Martin plant in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
The Martin D-28 is one of the most recognizable guitars. Martin D-28s have accompanied countless musicians on the road, on stages, in studios, and at home.

This is a 1957 Martin D-28, built with Brazilian Rosewood for the back, sides and headplate, likely Adirondack spruce for the top, mahogany for the neck and ebony for the fingerboard and bridge.

This guitar has had its required service, performed at Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, California - a neck reset and refret, the traditional Martin pickguard crack has been repaired (Originally, Martin glued the pickguards directly to the top, and over time the difference in expansion and contraction of the two materials caused a crack. Now, Martin glues the pickguard to the finish, and the crack doesn't happen). It's had minor touchups as well. Consequently, this guitar plays very well and is ready to go.

Click here to read the Gryphon Strings post and view their photos of this 1957 Martin D-28!

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