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1960 Gibson J-45 Steel String Acoustic Guitar SOLD

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US Price: US $3981.83
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Class: Vintage
S/N: FON is R6985 15, dating to 1960 at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
An iconic American design, the Gibson J-45 is one of the most used steel string guitars for recording and performance. A slope-shouldered dreadnought body shape is built with a solid spruce top, and mahogany for almost everything else with rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge.

Produced in 1960, this Gibson J-45 has the feel, look and sound of a vintage piece. The nitrocellulose finish shows a fair amount of natural checking, the frets show moderate to heavy wear especially in the lower positions, there's some fingerboard wear. Originally built with an adjustable saddle, the saddle slot has been filled in with rosewood and a bone saddle installed. The back has the expected wear and there is a touchup near the edge on the back at the lower bass bout.

This guitar plays well and its sound illustrates why the J-45 is so popular paired with a voice. It is warm, full and rich but doesn't take over the entire sonic spectrum.

A period fibre case is included - this is the type of case often sold with these guitars at the time.

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