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SOLD! 1960 Gibson Melody Maker Solidbody Electric Guitar

Price: CDN $2199
US Price: US $1751.21
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 011613, built during 1960 at the historic Gibson Kalamazoo plant.
Occupying the entry point in the electric lineup, the Gibson Melody Maker appeared in 1959 as seen here - a single cutaway, single pickup no-frills solidbody electric. In 1961 it gained a second cutaway and in 1966 the SG body shape used and finally the guitar was discontinued in 1971; it was built again from 1986 to 1993.  

This is a very clean 1960 Gibson Melody Maker, with some buckle rash on the back but otherwise not much wear. There is very little fret wear and this guitar plays cleanly - and it's so light, it's a lot of fun. The original case would have been a fibre (cardboard) faux-alligator, and is not included. Those cases did not really last well.  

While it was aimed at the beginner and entry level market, the Melody Maker did catch on with a number of rock guitarists who appreaciated its simplicity, size, and light weight (and perhaps its low cost). Leslie West used one in Mountain, Joan Jett used one in the Runaways and later projects, and many other players have used them.  

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