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1962 C. F. Martin 00-18 (SOLD)

Price: CDN $4500
US Price: US $3583.66
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 183658, dates to 1962
C F Martin introduced the 00-18 design in 1898 and it stayed in production until 1995.

By the early 1960's in the USA, folk music was surging in popularity and Martin guitars, especially the Martin 00-18, were the most popular guitar to have. The 00 body size is ideal for this type of music; it has a full tone but unlike dreadnoughts isn't bass-heavy, the middle range is well-represented and the top end sparkles.

Compared to rosewood models (the 00-28 and up) the mahogany back and sides add a bright, rapid attack and lots of projection - for this reason the D-18 is preferred over the D-28 for bluegrass styles.

This 1962 example of Martin 00-18 production is in very good original condition, with just a few marks in the finish aside from light natural lacquer checking. The top is spruce, with mahogany for the back, sides and neck; the headplate, fingerboard and bridge are Brazilian rosewood. The tuners are the original Grover Sta-Tites. Fret wear is light. The action is still good, at 4.5 / 64ths inch treble and 5.5 /64ths bass. The original fibre case is included.

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