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1962 Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins Tennessean SOLD

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US Price: US $2389.10
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Class: Vintage
Weight: 7 lbs
S/N: 52906, built during 1962 at the Gretsch plant in New York.
Introduced in 1958, the Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins Tennessean became highly visible when George Harrison started using a 1963 model. Previously, Harrison had been using a Country Gentleman, but it was destroyed during an unintended exit from a vehicle travelling between Beatles shows.


The Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean features a single cutaway, sealed 'ElectroTone' body - the F-holes are painted on, and there's no rear access panel. Pickups are single-coil HiLo 'Tron models, which have a lower output than Filter 'Trons and are clean and bright - ideal for the pop music of the time.


This example was built during 1962 at the Gretsch shop in New York City. The serial number is stamped in small numbers on the top edge of the headstock. The guitar is in quite good condition, with a good neck angle. Fretwear is light and there is expected fingerboard wear. It's in all original condition, with case.


This is a really nice guitar to play. At 7 pounds, it's quite light and very well balanced, and the 1.7 inch nut width is narrow enough for comfort but wide enough for easy chord changes. As would have been the practice at the time, it's strung with flat wound strings, adding to the 'woody' tone.


Visit the Gretsch Guitars website to learn more about the current version of this guitar, the Gretsch G6119T-62 Tennessee Rose!

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