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1964 Fender Concert Acoustic Guitar (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 05910
The Fender Concert acoustic was one of a number of bolt-together steel string acoustics, including the Kingman, Fender produced during the 1960's with the input of Roger Rossmeisl. Rossmeisl is the German luthier responsible for many classic Rickenbacker designs, including the 330 and 360 series semi-hollow guitars, and later for the Fender Telecaster Thinline.

The Concert and Kingman are unusual guitars. Not only do they have the bolt-on neck, but Rossmeisl added a stiffening rod, which is reminiscent of the tension rod in a banjo rim. This 1 inch diameter aluminum rod runs from the neck block to the tail block.

The top is Spruce, with an X-brace system, and features an adjustable pin bridge. The saddles are similar to the Telecaser, and are made from metal rod. The adjustment screws are drilled on an angle to allow a straight path for the string from the pin to the saddle.

The sides and back on this example are Indian Rosewood - some models were Brazilian Rosewood, Mahogany or Zebrawood. The neck is typical Fender, Maple with a laminated Rosewood fingerboard. The pickguard screws to the top and is a piece of gold-finished plexiglas.

Built in 1964, this Fender Concert is in good playing condition and sounds remarkably good. In terms of action, because its design is based on Fender concepts and parts, it can feel like a Fender electric - very easy to play.

This is sold without case but a standard dreadnought case would fit.

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