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1964 Gibson B25-12-N 12-String Acoustic (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 224938, dates to 1964 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The Gibson B25-12 N (for Natural top) was produced from 1962 to 1977. As a sunburst model, the last examples were built in 1970. A smaller body guitar with a lower price, these were very popular.

There were two main models in the B series guitars, the B-45 and the B-25. The key difference is that the B-45 (a 12-string) was all solid wood, while the B-25 (both 6- and 12-string models) have laminate mahogany sides. The backs are solid mahogany and the tops are solid spruce.

Many of the B series guitars had a plastic bridge with an adjustable ceramic saddle. The twin mother of pearl dots on the bridges cover small bolts that locate and secure the bridge. By this time, many of these guitars have been altered to have solid rosewood bridges with standard bone saddles - as is the case here. The locating bolts are still used.

This Gibson B25-12-N was built at the historic Kalamazoo plant in 1964. It is in good playing condition and has had a pickup added, and an endpin jack. Fretwear is light to moderate. Overall the finish is in good condition, with lots of checking on the top and sides, less on the back. The neck has natural play wear.

A non-original hardshell case is included.

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